The Globe2 Hosted CRM really is packed full of features – and we don’t limit what you can access or how much of it you can use before asking you for more money. Fully featured, with one price.

Work on the go
Manage your contacts or accounts on the go, with our fully mobile supported CRM.

Content management
All your contacts, companies and related info stored in one place.

Project management
Add and assign tasks and milestones, link to related resources and documentation

Task management
Create to-do lists, log or plan calls, set reminders and automatically log related emails

Ad hoc or scheduled reports on all aspects of your accumulated data, as you need them

Security profiles
Decide who gets to see or access what. Assign users to security profile groups for easy deployment.

Email integration
View and send emails using your own email address directly from the interface. Unlimited email templates, allowing you to integrate your data directly into your email campaigns – no need to use third party email systems such as Mailchimp.

Knowledge base
Build up a database of ‘how to’ articles so that you’ll never forget again how you managed to do something.

PDF templates
Create PDF templates for invoices, quotes or any other kind of document that you regularly send out. Seamlessly integrate data from your CRM so that things like addresses etc are auto populated.

Product listing
Save time when quoting or invoicing by building up your own product database, which can then be easily integrated into your documents.

Event & calender management
Add events and meetings, invite attendees and send out auto-reminders.

Marketing management
Identify targets, create campaigns and manage results

Sales management
Build up a list of leads and opportunities, and ensure that every potential sale is followed up on.

Invoices and contracts
Create invoices and monitor customer contracts, with auto-reminders to contact them near to their contract expiry date.

Document storage
Have a central storage location for documents that can be used for internal purposes or be ready to be sent out to customers as relevant.

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